23+Review Five sausage Guys man Battle Royale 1.2 Mod Apk

Five sausage Man Royale Battle Fight Sausage man Amos the best action game to help you to hide and seek your friends online to kill enemies and get the win and use solo kill mode, Amanda seeking friends and use the best guns like AKM, MK47 and M416, and more. Seek amp in offline mode you will have fun with incredible space imposter wars against artificial intelligence! is like r0blox or Blockman, Automatic shooting game and undertale games for you to shoot enemies, become an elite guys in the city and become the only survivor at the end of the game. During the fighting, the plane will launch weapons and accessories to increase your chances of survival, be an elite guys who knows how to shoot enemies with precision to become the best soldier of the war!
When you kill everyone without getting noticed, the level is completed.
Be careful with enemies, they may kill you.
be quick and find the best weapons in the game before enemies. Based on the most fun action games.


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