19+Find Warships vs Warplanes :Modern Jet Battle 1.3 Mod Apk

Join the elite pilots in the high skies, command your squadron and attack the naval boats, fight against the ace warplanes and warships and destroy your enemies , play in multiplayer mode and battle against the best.

Battle of Warships vs Warplanes is a multiplayer action game that offers multiplayer modes against modern jet fighter and naval chips , with tens of jet choices , missiles and customization .It’s 100% free game to download and play !!

In this online game you will fight in blitz combat against the best modern jet fighter in the world and also the latest naval warships , you will play PVP modes and conquer the skies .You just need to choose your preferred fighter and customize the missile , paint , armor .. , and meet with your squadron against the ace of the aviation world and enjoy the battle of battleships.

We offer 2 multiplayer PVP modes , a battle of warplanes , 2 other modes as a battle of warships and WW2 mode, Commander it’s your show time !
Fight against the deadliest online pilots in blitz and maintain the safety of your squadron .

-Online PVP, play in world of warplanes and enjoy with your friends the play modes.
-Magnificent graphics: featuring realistic jet fighters to immerse in the world of warships.
– More than 20 modern warplanes ready to be customized including planes for the latest generations.
-More than 15 guns missiles, cannons and air to ground missiles that will help you succeed in your ace combat.
-Battle of warplanes in 2 modes that offer multiplayer war game style either solo or with a friend.
-Battle of warships against the best in the world or against waves of AI players, test your ability and try to stay alive!
-Creative play modes in the sky , either in multiplayer wargame combat or single offline combat .
-Fully customizable jet fighters with different camo paints , flags and performance wings / reactors / armor .
-Best controls with the possibility of switching between titled and accelerometer controls that makes the wargame realistic.
-Modern warships and jet fighters combat that enhance the players experience for better maneuvers against the best naval machines.
-Warfare in modern warplanes makes the gameplay fun and especially with your squadron.
-This world of dogfight combat and boats give the player the possibility to enjoy the adrenaline of the sky fights and the sea danger.
Best prepared for the next blitz dog fighter war and train for the glory !
WW2 online wargame are the best to play with your friends, combat blitz.
Download this multiplayer wargame and enjoy the blitz
-Create a reverse button for joystick controls
-Fix upgrade UI
-Fix game mtx granting
-Fix wave AI
-Fix cockpit camera bug
-Longer server matchs



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