29+Gratis Match With Max 1.3 Mod Apk

To compliment the award-winning Max Rhymes book series, our new educational game helps increase memory function along with word recognition. With finger touch screen control, squares flip over which exposes a word and then the player finds the matching word by flipping another square. If the two choices don’t match, the squares flip back. Kids immediately recognise their favourite characters from the Max Rhymes books which prompts them to want to learn more about Max and friends. With voice over and finger touch screen controls, the student quickly learns the game while increasing memory skills and sounding out words. Voice over helps brain recognition with words. Games elevate in difficulty as one moves up levels. English and Spanish options.

Features: All Max Rhymes games are a 100% positive learning experience with no violent or negative connotations.
Voice over in both English and Spanish
Difficulty increases by the amount of memory boxes in each game. Upwards of 12 squares in single play.
Score count.

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