10+Download Daily Movement Snacks 1.3.11 Mod Apk

Daily Movement Snacks is an app to help develop a healthy craving for movement throughout the day! We offer a library of movements, with descriptions and videos, that you can do during the day, every day, to keep your body feeling good. Users can set a schedule to receive regular reminders and set goals to accomplish each day.

To develop a craving for movement users should utilize daily snack goals. Each goal will have a daily total and are tracked with a timer. The time is meant to be cumulative during the day, and not completed all at once. Aim to spend 30 seconds to a few minutes per snack per session. There are two default goals: the resting squat and the passive hang. Earn a sense of accomplishment by pushing the progress bar on the goals tab to completion!

There are many benefits to taking regular breaks not matter your occupation/lifestyle. Users can expect to observe improvements in mental clarity, mobility, body awareness, coordination, and more!
Added view teacher screen to view the details of a teacher
UI updates


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