24+Review No Crop for Instagram 3.0.5 Mod Apk

WhatsApp & Instagram is a widely used photo and video sharing platform where you can share your memories or work with thousands of like-minded people. But, the sad truth is that they don’t allow you to upload a full-size photo. If you want to post on Instagram, you have to compromise with its quality by cropping it in square dimension. We know that every photograph is a combination of hundreds of small details and these details just can’t be described in a square Instagram post. That’s why we’ve handcrafted an Instagram photo editor app “No Crop for WhatsApp & Instagram”.

No Crop for WhatsApp & Instagram is bundled with a handful of tools to make your insta pic look premium and more engaging. Install No Crop app for WhatsApp today and get your photographs square ready.

How it Works?

Step 1:
Capture or Edit: Thinking about to capture a new selfie and upload it instantly? You can do it directly from NoCrop select camera and click a pic and edit it or you can always go through your gallery and edit your old pics.

Step 2:
Crop: Yeah the name is No Crop! Still, there is a feature called Crop to remove unnecessary background or people from your photo. Just select a picture and the next screen will show you options to crop your image in 1:1, 3:4, 3:2 or 16:9 dimensions. You can also rotate or zoom into your photo here.

Step 3:
Now this area is all about getting more creative with your photos. Here you will see features like:

Background: The task is to make your photo fit Instagram feeds. No Crop will turn the image into square insta pic but without cropping it. So, there will be an extra frame with blank space. You can feel this space with a background. By default, NoCrop uses the original pic in the background with a blur facility. Apart from that, there are dozens of abstract backgrounds to choose from. These backgrounds feel more like insta frame.

Adjust image: Flip it, mirror it, rotate it or add round corners to the picture.

Filters: Forgot to beautify your picture before making it square ready? Well, NoCrop will do it for you! We’ve packed it with some beautiful filters to make your picture look fantabulous.

Text: Add more information to your picture with the text features. Tap on the text and add some text. You can also select different fonts, colors and can also set transparency.
PS. : You can adjust alignments too.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit that Install button and start posting on Instagram without crop!
A big update is here.
Perfect your photos with our brand new MIRROR feature.

What’s new:
— Mirror effect
— UI improvements

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