27+Free Download Class – Built on Zoom 2.2.1 Mod Apk

Everything you can do in a physical classroom, you can do online with Class.

The Class learner app provides virtual classrooms with concrete learning tools to enhance Zoom’s web conferencing platform.
– Learners can see the class syllabus, view grades, and access learning content and files for download during the class session.
– The Instructor Podium and Front of Class features help ensure instructors and teaching assistants don’t get lost in the grid view.
– Assignments, tests, and quizzes can all be delivered and completed from within Class.
– Raising your hand, sharing feedback, and messaging your instructor or the whole class has never been easier.

Note: This app is for learners in a classroom powered by Class Technologies Inc. Instructors are required to launch their classes through the Mac or Windows desktop Client.
Hi Classmates, here’s what we’ve been up to since last release:
– Instructors may use enhanced breakout rooms to monitor activity in all breakout rooms, send content to specific breakout rooms, and more.
– Just like in a real classroom, instructors may launch assignments, tests, and quizzes and many more e-learning activities all within Class.
– Attendance, class participation data, and grades are all automatically tracked to make instructors’ lives easier.


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