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Access confidential analysis about your insta account with the inStalker Reports application!

Who viewed my Instagram profile? It is very simple to reach many useful information, detailed analyzes and reports about your social media account, such as how many of your followers unfollowed you or those who did not follow you back even though you followed them. Thanks to its simple interface and easy use, InStalker Reports will allow you to meet all your needs in a single application. If you’re wondering who visited my Instagram profile, you found the instagram stalker app you’ve been looking for.

Get notified instantly when someone stalks your profile, unfollows or blocks you with our instant notifications!

InStalker Reports Features:
– Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?
If you spend most of your time on social media, if you want to see who visited my instagram profile, instagram secret admirers and social media account secret followers, you have found the right app. While it is not possible for you to find all visitors, the visitors we show are real.

– Who Blocked Me on Instagram?
To see who blocked me Instagram, you only need to visit the relevant section in the application. Thanks to our application, you can meet all your needs.

– Watch Instagram Secret Story and Download HD
You can easily watch the stories in the closed user account profiles and download them in HD format. InStalker Reports is the only app you need to see hidden stories!

– Find out about your secret admirers

– Follower Increase and Decrease (My secret followers, Instagram unfollowers)
With Instagram follower analysis application InStalker Reports, you can instantly see the increase or decrease in the number of followers. Our app helps you see how much your account has grown and whether the methods you use to achieve your goals are correct.

– Instagram Who don’t follow back
If you say you want to find those who do not follow me on my Instagram account, thanks to InStalker Reports, you can not only find those who do not follow you back, but also with the unfollow feature, you can unfollow the person who does not follow you with a single touch from within the application. Who are my Instagram unfollowers? Thanks to our application that instantly compares the users you follow with the users who follow you, you will have an idea of ​​how long the person you expect to follow back responds.

– Profile Photo Enlarge and HD Download
Sometimes even a small detail can be very valuable. Isn’t it annoying to bring the phone closer to yourself, especially when trying to see a profile picture taken from afar? If you want to enlarge your Instagram profile photo with our application, download “Full Size”.

– Profile Analysis (Detailed sharing statistics and account analysis)
Whether you are a corporate or individual user, it is very difficult to make your voice heard to a wider audience without analyzing your Instagram profile. Learning what kind of posts generate more engagement with the statistics you will have will guide you on how you should share in the long or short term and how you should change your content planning.

About Subscriptions:
– Subscriptions are for 1 week, 1 month, 6 months. Each subscription is renewed in its own time.
– If you do not choose to purchase a premium member, you can continue to use our free features.
– Premium memberships are renewed if they are not canceled 24 hours before the expiration date.
– You can cancel your premium membership at any time.
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Terms and Conditions: https://sites.google.com/view/instalker-reports/terms-conditions
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