24+Free Download Yandex.Messenger (beta) 128.1.10508 Mod Apk

Important! The beta version is a platform for testing the application. It is intended for experienced users who are prepared to report errors and problems. Send us feedback via the application menu or by email: [email protected].

Yandex.Messenger is an instant messenger app for friends and family. Get together with your loved ones, extended family, or people you know from your cooking class to quickly discuss anything in a matter of seconds. You can message anyone, including those of your contacts who do not have Yandex.Messenger installed – your messages will show up in the Yandex app or Yandex Browser on desktop or mobile.
• Personal messages and chat groups – for quick catch-ups and get-togethers.
• Voice and video calls to mobile devices and computers – for the things that can only be said face-to-face.
• Voice messages that convert to text automatically – for when it’s just easier to say it.
• News and information channels – to stay in the loop and share what’s important or interesting with others.
• Quick reactions and stickers – sometimes a sticker is worth a thousand words.
• Available in the Yandex app, Yandex Browser and at yandex.ru.
Group chats now have polls.
You decide whether the user can choose one or multiple response options. You can make your poll anonymous or public. In a public poll, each participant can see who voted and download a file with the results.
To create a poll, tap the paperclip icon to the left of the message field.


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