27+Free Download Battery Notifier – Optimize Battery + Fast Charge 3.3 Mod Apk

An battery optimizer application that will warn you about the state of charge of the battery and optimize battery, thereby helping to keep it in working condition for many years.♻️

List of the most important options and features of the battery booster application:

? Warning notifications

? Turn on / off notification messages from the battery saver app

? Choose the different types of warning notifications about a full or low battery charge:
– vibration notification
– alarm notification
– music notification
– flashing flash notification

Regardless of whether the new phone or it has been used for five years, it can have various problems with the battery.

To avoid troubles, you need to take care that the smartphone battery lasts as long as possible. What can be done? In fact, everything is very simple, you need to learn how to control the battery charge, disconnect the phone from the power on time and put it on fast charge in time.?✅
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We have created an booster application that will help monitor the state of the battery and will notify you when the phone can be removed from charging or, on the contrary, you need to put it there.? Тhis will ensure long battery life and save battery from burnout. And you no longer need to look for a fast charger to save your phone.??

The warning notification function in the boost phone battery application will alert you to the battery status of your phone.? You will receive warning notifications that the phone is charged and it is time to disconnect it from the power mode, which will allow you to remove the phone from charging on time, not overheat it and not damage the battery.?

There are several types of such messages available in the boost battery application and everyone can choose something suitable for themselves.??

Choose your type of incoming messages depending on your lifestyle.? If you are constantly working or studying, if you have a small child, then it is better to choose silent messages that noticed you, but they will not make harsh noises. Then messages will suit you where you need to turn on vibration or turn on the light, such messages are visible when your phone is near you.??

If you lead a freer lifestyle and are not afraid that the sound will disturb you or your surroundings, feel free to turn on audio messages that you will definitely hear. Among the sound messages in the application, an alarm clock or music playback is available. If you choose to turn on music, then you can select songs and melodies from your own playlist and set them to incoming messages.??

If you do not want to receive any messages from the battery optimizer application, just go to the settings and disable them.??

⬇️Download the battery saver application⬇️ and turn on alert messages to avoid problems with your smartphone’s battery in the future. Extend battery life by simply turning on alerts about its condition and optimizing battery performance.??
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