14+Gratis Craft Battle Royale 3D Survive 1 Mod Apk

Battle Ground Craft Sausage Man is a cartoon-style, competitive shooting battle royale game featuring sausage as the protagonist. This is a game that you can easily start and play anytime, anywhere. You’ll role-play as a cute and adorable sausage and fight high-octane and imaginative battles.

Our superb features
• More than 50 campaign levels
• 100 different maps: ocean map, maze map, magma map, ice map, etc
• 100+ types of monsters and bosses
• 180+ creative skins: zombie, slender, pirate, sniper, skeleton and even a pretty nurse;
• Upgradable Battle Pass with challenges and rewards

An apocalyptic world with many hidden weapons and several squads in 3D pixel fighting for survival battle royale style, only one will be the winner, the one with the most skill and the best objective will be the champion of the match. Here you can be a first person shooter as well as a third person shooter. Use the change camera button to change perspective!

The most fun free shooter game for anyone who loves battle royale and pixel voxel cube shooter games, a real war game with lots of action.

You will be flying over the entire Battle Craft world. Choose where to start your search for weapons and equipment, jumping from the plane with a parachute is very exciting!

Find a backpack to store your best weapons, but be very careful, at any time you could be eliminated and lose all your items to the enemy.

A plane will drop weapons and accessories to increase your chances of survival, be agile and grab all items before enemies.

Climb buildings for a wide view of the world. Being in high places is a good strategy for those who like to play with a sniper, which is the strongest aiming weapon in the game.

Choose whether you want to play with automatic or manual shooting. The gameplay is nice for you to easily eliminate enemies with 3D pixel weapons.

Being the only survivor in this battle royale game can be difficult as every player wants to be the best shooter in the battle craft 3D world!

About the best of the game:

– A completely free shooting game. Be the best shooter in the game!
– The best 3D pixel weapons
– Battle Royale in pixel cube style
– Improved 3D voxel graphics
– We are among the best free shooting games in the pixel cube category!
– Play FPS-style, or TPS-style, you name it!
– Battle Craft 3D takes up little storage space on mobile.


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