26+Gratis My High School Cat Girlfriend: Anime Dating Game 2.1.8 Mod Apk


Your parents have moved and you’ve had to transfer schools. Things at your new school seem to be going smooth until you start hearing people talk about purebreds and hybrids. Next, you hear people talking about their paws! You figure this must be some kind of weird terminology that people in this school use… Guess that’s what comes with moving to a new community?

But then, PE class starts… All of your classmates jump like they’re part-cat! Wait… part-cat…? Is that even possible? Turns out it is! You somehow have managed to transfer into a school made for cats that can turn into humans! You’ve got to protect your secret at all costs, but whether you like it or not, one of the cat girls is onto you…

Will you be able to survive your time at a school dedicated for cats? Will you be able to discover why you were able to enter this school? Can cat girls and humans fall in love? Find out in My High School Cat Girlfriend!


This American Short Hair is one of your classmates and also a model student at the school. Some people might call her a goody two shoes, but she’s got a heart of gold and is always looking out for you!

Generally combative and terse, this Maine Coon is a hard one to deal with. You know that there’s gotta be more to her than her tough exterior, but will you be able to breakthrough?

She claims to be a Scottish Fold and is very proud of the fact that she’s a purebred. She’s the only one that knows your true identity but seems to have issues with her own identity… Will you be able to help her overcome her struggles?
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