28+Download Music for Youtube Player: Red+ 1.82 Mod Apk

Floating popup player for youtube, enjoy your free music no stop any work.

Discover and listen to millions of free songs on YouTube in high-quality mode! You can keep Hi-Fi music playing while you use other apps.

No need to download songs anymore, just hear online songs, you finally have a free music player that let you check your email or answer messages while watching your liked songs and videos!

You’ve been finding for it, Now it’s here: The free smart music player! What? you can hear music and use other app at same time? That’s right!!!

Red gives you access to all of Youtube music videos and lets you play them in a floating popup with a multitasking music listening experience.
Search your favorite songs, browse Top Charts of your country.

☆ Floating Popup Player
– No disturb your work when hear wonderful music.
– Free music player: watch your videos in full screen or use the floating popup for multitasking
– Move the floating popup player wherever you want on the screen

☆ Search Music
– Just type your song name info.
– Support search history by date.
– Support search music playlist and one click to play.

☆ YOUTUBE Content
– Search among millions of free music videos for free
– Browse Top Charts songs
– Smart recommend your similar songs, guess your liked songs.
– Access personal for your music that you’ve recently played and liked.

☆ Disclaimer
– It does not download videos or mp3 files to meet YouTube Terms of Services.
– It does not play videos in the background to meet YouTube Terms of Services which don’t allow separation of audio and video streams.
– It is not an offline: does not cache videos or support offline playback.
– It does not play videos when the screen is turned off.
– It is a 3rd-party client: all content is provided by YouTube.

☆ About permissions:
• Draw over other apps: play videos in a floating popup window

– Fixed bug.


– Move search ui to sec ui.
– Fixed crash problem.
– Enhanced recommend songs.


– Added favorite like playlist.
– Fixed some bugs.

– Update playlist image to latest.
– Added more top track free songs.


– Added search trending support.
– Added change song order in playlist.

– Fixed bug of import youtube playlist.

– Added an Youtube logo display.
– Support watch video on Youtube Web.



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